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Trying To Get Pregnant
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Trying To Get Pregnant

Of course, most couples know how to get pregnant, but when it doesn't happen right away, many feel concerned. That is completely natural. Having a baby is an enormous decision, and when you are ready, you want it will happen quickly. How easy it is to get pregnant can depend on a number of factors, including the health and ages of both the mother and the father-to-be.

Women can improve their fertility with a few lifestyle changes that will make it easier to conceive, if there are no underlying medical conditions. Keep your weight stable and in a healthy range, as too many pounds or too few can impact your levels of estrogen. This hormone is necessary for ovulation, and you are more likely to ovulate regularly at optimal estrogen production, which can be determined by your weight.

Guard against sexually transmitted diseases and infections, which can cause significant damage to your reproductive system. See your physician for a thorough health screening - and go back regularly to catch and treat any health issues early on. Avoid cigarettes and alcohol, as both can damage your internal organs and make it more difficult to get pregnant.

Stay stress-free, as significant tension can limit your fertility or even prevent ovulation altogether. Men have their own role to play in how easy it is to get pregnant. These quick tips will ensure that you have plenty of healthy sperm, a key factor in how simply you and your partner conceive:

Eat your veggies, as the antioxidants and the Vitamins C and E are known to help you produce more sperm with higher motility. This ensures the best results when you are
trying to get pregnant.

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Keep stress to a minimum, because it changes your hormone levels. High stress can decrease the production of sperm. Maintain a healthy weight, as extra pounds can cause excess production of sperm with abnormal characteristics.


Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) can adversely impact how easy it is to get pregnant. It is the most common cause of female infertility, diagnosed in 5% - 10% of women of childbearing age. However, many couples succeed despite the condition. By treating the symptoms that impact fertility, which include irregular periods, infrequent ovulation, ovarian cysts, diabetes, and high blood pressure, physicians can help you make your baby dreams come true.

While Breastfeeding

Exclusive on-demand breastfeeding of your infant is one of the most reliable methods of birth control available. Nature works its magic to space children naturally, giving your body time to recover and ensuring your baby has your full attention during the earliest months.

When can you get pregnant? Usually around the six-month mark, when you start to introduce your baby to solid foods. As your feedings become farther apart and your baby is less reliant on you for his or her nutritional needs, your menstrual cycle will return to normal. Some women are surprised by how easy it is to get pregnant as soon as their baby begins on cereals, while in other cases, your baby will have to be fully weaned before you are able to conceive. Try to relax and enjoy the journey, as you wait for your next child to make an appearance.

Some More Tips

When you are
trying to get pregnant, everyone you know will offer opinions on the best methods, but here are a few hints that are most commonly recommended by specialists:

Men should stay out of high temperatures, like those that occur in hot baths, steam rooms, and saunas, as the heat can lower your sperm count. For the same reason, men shouldn't bike for more than 30 minutes at a stretch, as the temperature in the scrotum will rise. Couples should reconsider use of commercial lubricants during intercourse, as they can adversely impact the motility of sperm. Try other, more natural options, such as vegetable oil, which do not cause the same issues.

Having a baby is a life-changing event, eagerly anticipated for months - even years - in advance. When you are trying to get pregnant, do your best to relax and have fun with the process. Remember, your body works better when you take good care of it, which impacts how easy it is to get pregnant.