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Sophia David Review

Sophia David Has Done Her Research

When Sophia David and her husband were told that their chances of getting pregnant were diminishing, they had the same response that anybody would - she was stressed, frustrated and depressed. But instead of wallowing in self-pity, she decided that if the fertility specialists couldn't help her, she was going to help herself.

She did an enormous amount of research on every aspect of fertility, and one of the first things she decided to put herself and her husband on  an all organic fertility diet. They cut out unhealthy junk foods, artificial colorings and preservatives and replaced them with foods that were healthy.

Sophia attributes that change in their diet to her quick fertility reversal. After making this switch she and her husband got pregnant within six months, and she has documented that turnaround, along with all of the other information she accumulated, into a comprehensive program called the 12-Step Infertility Program.

This program not only outlines the details of the fertility diet, but also provides valuable information on all of the other steps that Sophia David has found will help you to reverse your infertility problem and heal yourself from the inside out. Included in the program is her e-book, the Organic Fertility Bible.

The program has helped hundreds of couples to get pregnant, and is available online for immediate download in a pdf format. The cost of the program is just forty seven dollars, and it comes with a money back guarantee.

Sophia David is not a physician. She does not have a long list of letters and certifications after her name, and she does not have any medical licenses that give proof to her level of expertise. But despite that, this mother of two has managed to help thousands of frustrated, stressed women to get pregnant as a result of documenting the research she did on her own behalf when she was trying to conceive.

By changing the way that both she and her husband ate and switching to a healthy lifestyle, Sophia was able to go from a diagnosis of infertility to being pregnant six months later, and many of the women who have purchased and followed her program report the same success. To make matters worse, the physician tested her husband and found that he had insufficient sperm.  Upset and depressed, the two pursued the use of fertility drugs like Clomid, and though she was able to get pregnant, she suffered two ectopic pregnancies that ended in miscarriage.


They looked into IVF costs and actually took out a second mortgage on their house, only to meet with failure in that effort as well. Sophia was stressed and depressed but not defeated. She decided to do as much research as she could to help herself, and that was when she learned about the positive impact that a healthy diet could have on fertility.

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Sophia David